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24 02 2023

Supplements For BJJ / MMA – In this blog we look at what supplements you should be using for your BJJ / MMA journey.

Who is Combat Fuel endorsed by?

Firstly our sister company Southern Quarter and the state of the art Southern Quarter Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy in Amesbury. Home to black belt and head coach Luiz Finocchio winner at Polaris and some serious gold medals at national and international events.

Athlete Nathan ‘Nightmare’ Johnstone, the youngest ever BJJ black belt in the U.K. receiving his black belt at just 20 years old! Since 2008 when he started to compete his hold an impressive 6x BJJ British Open wins, 6x Naga Elite Class Champion, Naga European Champion and over 50 regional gold medals. Nathan is also a Polaris winner.

Athlete Josh Gibbs, a BJJ brown belt and serving soldier with an exceptional future ahead of him. He’s at the time of writing the current European champion too!

Two legends within the BJJ community who work with ourselves and Southern Quarter BJJ academy. Inder Biant, an incredibly talented 2nd degree black belt and owner of Guild in Wandsworth. Jack Magee a 3rd degree black belt and owner of the Mad Hatters Asylum academy. Both of whom use and endorse Combat Fuel porducts.

Former Royal Marine, the awe-inspiring Sam Sheriff MBE, REORG Charity founder and BJJ black belt. We’ve worked alongside Sam and REORG for many years now and keeping Sam well fuelled with supplements for BJJ the entire time.

Supplements For BJJ
Inder, Luiz & Jack.

Thats a stacked line up!

Absolutely! Incredible set of athletes, all as humble as the next and of course incredibly skilled.

What’s the top supplements for BJJ / MMA then?

See below our top pick supplements for BJJ and our reasoning behind them.

Firstly, creatine monohydrate. Creatine is a non-negotiable for all sports. If you’d like to read an in-depth article on creatine, it’s history, application and benefits then please click here.

During training or a competition where unrivalled focus is needed combined with no-crash energy, we bring you Optimise! Elite Level Focus Fuel, an incomparable tool for the fight world. Optimise allows you to push hard, remain focused and level headed against the toughest of sessions.

Intra-workout where real energy / carbs are needed you should be looking at products such as our Cyclic Dextrin and Maltodextrin. Both are pure carbohydrate products however they do differ, CD is a highly branched cluster dextrin, it absorbs very very quickly and doesn’t cause any bloating when taken during a workout. The only drawback is its not the cheapest of products. MD on the other hand is far cheaper, it doesn’t absorb quite as fast however its still a brilliant product and can be used to easily increase Kcal & carbohydrate uptake. CD is flavoured whereas MD is unflavoured.

Following on for intra-workout fuel, maintaining performance, preventing cramps through an electrolyte blend and helping to prevent the breakdown of muscle mass (atrophy) with a highly dosed Essential Amino Acid blend our EAA+ will work wonders. The truth is though using an EAA is brilliant if your Kcal are lowered however, using an electrolyte only product without EAA’s will suffice if you’re not currently in a Kcal deficit. We as a brand never have and never will market a product that we don’t think you need or isn’t backed by scientific research.

Our EAA+ combined with Cyclic Dextrin is the gold standard for intra-workout fuel, but remember its what you need that matters.

Zinc & Magnesium – Ultra. An incredibly potent (ZMA like product) product to aid recovery and support sleep, whilst it won’t aid you getting to sleep it can hugely improve your quality of sleep. You’ll wake up well rested and refreshed of a morning.

There you have it, our top pick supplements for BJJ, conveniently also available in a bundle to save big!

Checkout the BJJ Bundle.

Optimise BJJ
Optimise – Elite Level Focus Fuel

Combat Fuel X Southern Quarter

Southern Quarter & Combat Fuel are sister companies, we work closely innovating in the supplement world alongside the BJJ academy and Crossfit Affiliate. Offering a vast array of memberships and a state of the art cafe, wherever you are in the country a visit is needed. It will not disappoint!

SQ Head Coach Luiz in the SQ BJJ Academy.

What BJJ events does Combat Fuel do?

In partnership with Polaris, Combat Fuel is the headline supplement & nutrition sponsor of Polaris 23. Polaris – The worlds most exciting pro JiuJitsu events.

Grappling Industries, another incredible BJJ competition that we are sponsoring for the 2023 season. Grappling Industries – The world’s most exciting BJJ GI & NOGI tournaments.

The REORG Charity Open. Reorg Jiu-jitsu & Parajiu-jitsu championship, we supported the first event in 2022 and will be back bigger and better in 2023! This event is open to everyone with all abilities and disabilities levels alike.

Being a veteran owned company we naturally support military BJJ events too such as the armed forces and veterans championship held yearly in aldershot.


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