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28 11 2022

Who is the Reorg Charity founder Sam Sheriff MBE?

Following family military footsteps, it was always Sam’s childhood ambition to become a Royal Marines Commando. At 19, he left the seaside town of Bridlington to embark on what would become a full 22-year career in the Royal Marines.

Sam during one of many deployments.
Sam during one of many deployments.

One of 12 original recruits to pass out of training from a 60 strong Troop who started. He headed to Arbroath and would then serve in every Commando Unit and every environment with Operational Tours in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and FSRT deployments. Specialising as a Physical Training Instructor he became the Head Instructor for Royal Marines Close Combat and pioneered Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) as an official Corps sport. Before retiring from the Corps after a full service, he was awarded an MBE by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Sam receiving his MBE
Sam receiving his MBE.

What is REORG charity?

REORG is a charity supporting the community of military, emergency services and veterans through a new community of jiu-jitsu and fitness.

Sam, please tell us more about BJJ.

When you train BJJ you form very special relationships and bonds with your training partners, this is a martial art where you attempt to defeat your opponent via a choke hold or joint lock. You put trust in your training partner that when you tap they will let go, as a consequence you develop a special unique bond not attained in most other sports. Whilst on the mat and rolling (live sparring) you enter a meditative state and time stands still, any worries you may have off the mat are not present on the mat, you feel great whilst your training and after and this is something you can do every day.

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Mark Ormrod MBE, Tom Hardy CBE, Sam Sheriff MBE, Trent Scanlan.

Sam, the founder of Reorg Charity. Mark, Tom and Trent are all trustees of the charity.

How many people has the charity supported?

227 in our first year of operation as a charity.

What were your highest and lowest points serving in the Royal Marines?

By nature, I don’t focus on low points. I recognise we all have them but focus on how to manage them and remain positive. Like most of us, I have lost people close to me, but that only reminds me that what we have is precious and we must make the most of every opportunity and when those opportunities are not present, then go create one!

Too many high points to list on one page. During my time in the Royal Marines, at almost every draft I would say: “This has been my greatest time in the Corps.” I genuinely meant every word, but then I feel I made the most of every opportunity and was fortunate enough to serve with the best lads possible.

Stand-out moments would absolutely be leading lads as a Section Commander. I could not have wished for a better section of men – absolute warriors each and every one of them. As a PT School Instructor, you take through Royal Marines who are aspiring to become Physical Training Instructors, an opportunity to pass over all your knowledge, experience and energy so they can then pass that on to the next generation of the Corps at Lympstone. Outstanding lads that have all gone on to achieve greatness on their own individual path.

Finally, a recruit Troop PTI taking your own lads 60 strong through 32 weeks of Commando training and watching them march out of CTCRM (Commando Training Centre Royal Marines) to their respective Commando Units.

Sam and Prince Harry.

Most memorable achievement for REORG to date

Unquestionably having a message that reads “I’ve now got my Dad back” referring to someone who did not enjoy living, and completely turned their life around through our REORG Mission

Why do you work with Combat Fuel?

Easy one this, because they absolutely live and breathe our REORG ethos and lifestyle, their heritage is such that they absolutely get what we as REORG are hoping to achieve, meaning the fit is perfect.

You need to checkout the co-branded products we’ve done with them!

What is next for REORG?

We continue to forge forward globally with the same mission but gaining more support in the process and ultimately helping more people.

How can people get involved with REORG charity?

If this blog has inspired you and you’d like to find out more, make a donation, or put on your own fundraising event, then please see some useful links below!

REORG Charity Website –

REORG Charity Instagram – @reorgcharity @samreorgcharity

Blog By: Sam Sheriff MBE, Reorg Founder.