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28 11 2022

In This charity blog we chat with Royal Marine Sam Hammond why on earth he’s running about with a fridge on his back all i aid of SSAFA. Read on to find more about Man V Fridge.

Who is Sam Hammond?

Sam, 30 is a Royal Marines Commando who joined the corps September 2013. He currently hold the rank of corporal, has deployed on operations to Iraq & Syria alongside multiple exercises across the globe from Slovenia to Oman.

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Sam during an exercise in Slovenia.


Good question! I wanted to give something back to the community of which I’m a part of, I needed something to stand out and be noticed in order to raise money for SSAFA. A fridge was a perfect ‘burden’ it represents the load many serving carry on their shoulders, of course being invisible. Mental health is a huge issue within the armed forces, something I’ve also struggled with personally when my dad died in 2019. The stigma I truly believe has been lifted however the help and support needed is still lacking.

The fridge sums the above up perfectly well.

IMG 9010
Man V Fridge during March for Movember, 21 miles across the Jurassic Coast.


Thank you, an honour to give back to the community.


Simply it’s close to home, don’t get me wrong there are brilliant charities who support the armed forces, this time I’ve chosen to support SSAFA. They’re a brilliant charity who are extremely family orientated, the support doesn’t just stop at those who are serving, the families are well supported by them as well.

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity is a trusted source of practical, emotional, and financial support for serving personnel, veterans and their families in their time of need. In the last two years there trained teams of volunteers and employees helped more than 145,540 people, from Second World War veterans to those who have served in more recent conflicts, or currently serving (both regulars and reserves) and their families.

SSAFA understands that behind every uniform is a person. And we are here for that person and their family, any time they need us and in any way they need us.

If you’d like to know more about SSAFA please click HERE.

ssafa logo strapline
SSAFA, The Armed FOrces Charity.

Can we know a little more about you?

I love phys and the outdoor, pretty chilled out guy really.

My best military achievement so far – everything! I love the Royal Marines and the community it has to offer. Earning my green beret has to be the standout part of my career, as I’m sure it is for many other Royals.

Personally – Summiting Mt Snowdon with a fridge on my back during the three peaks challenge in September 2022.

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Sam summiting Mt Snowdon.

Surely you can’t top Snowdon?

Well then.

How about the London Marathon with my fridge!

You can donate and follow my progress HERE.

Sam, post 2nd summit of the Welsh Three Peaks


Yes absolutely, Combat Fuel is renowned within the military as producing effective, safe supplements. You couldn’t ask for a better match up! I currently use their health stack, whey protein (chocolate), EAA+ electrolytes whilst intra-workout and a daily staple of Creatine Monohydrate.

Thank you Sam!

Pleasure is all mine, if you’d like to follow my journey on social media I’d greatly appreciate the support.

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Sam on his visit down to see us.

Blog By: Sam Hammond, Nutter.