Our guarantee

Military & Athlete Safe

We are the only UK-based company that provides supplement safety for those serving.

Supplement your every day with our specifically engineered formulas that are 100% military and athlete safe.

Supplement Safety

We are the ONLY UK based company that 100% guarantees supplement safety for those serving. It is a common myth that a certain badge is required to be authorised to take supplements within the UK armed forces.

Our Own

All our products are our own formulations, we do not just stick a label over other companies products like our competitors. We, therefore, are able to hold full COA’s (certificate of analysis) on not just our products but on every ingredient used in our formulations.


We run extensive trials before we bring any product to the market again ensuring we comply with our 100% military safe standard.

Should further details be required on supplement safety and how we’re the only UK company to 100% guarantee service personnel safety then please use the contact us page. The details and procedures are extensive and carried out in a way which is unique to us.