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27 12 2021

What does it take to become the world strongest disabled woman

Graft, discipline, dedication, the ability to not only endure pain but push through it and can’t forget stubbornness… That being said, the thing that without a doubt got me here was having a strong support network, without them I would’ve backed out of Worlds.

For those that don’t know you who are you

Hi, my name is Becca Slater. I’m 26 and I’m a Pharmacy Technician from Liverpool. I was involved in a major RTA back in January 2017 and as a result sustained life changing injuries. Since then, I’ve competed and trained with able-bodied sweep rowing crews, competed in CrossFit, I’m part of the GB Women’s Sitting Volleyball squad and most recently found a love for the sport of Strongman, where in the last year I’ve won Britain’s Disabled Strongman, Arnold’s UK Disabled Strongman and World’s Strongest Disabled Man.

How long have you been involved with Combat Fuel

Officially I’ve been involved with CF since August 2020.
As an athlete in a sport that has the potential to be drug-tested I needed to be sure the supplements I was using are safe and during market research I came across Combat Fuel. The quality of the products speaks for themselves, there’s only quality ingredients in their products, they hold all of their own CofA’s and a percentage of every sale supports Help for Heroes (I never made it to my selection but supporting the military and veterans is still something close to my heart).

What does your training entail

It was intense to say the least! We trained hard – 2 sessions a day, 6 days a week. It consisted of events training, strength sessions, core and conditioning. Bloody loved it!

How much food did you have to consume

A lot and that’s something I struggled with. When I started prep for World’s we had to increase my calories quite significantly as my weight was dropping when we wanted to maintain and build for competition. Competition nutrition is my downfall – I have to meal prep and plan to eat, otherwise I won’t eat and that’s not ideal when you’ve got multiple events in a day.

As a single arm athlete what was the hardest event

Technically for a single arm athlete it should be the “arm over arm” truck pull (as you just can only pull with one arm!) or the atlas stones but for me, I find pressing is my hardest event.

What world records do you hold

Originally I set the world record at the Arnold’s UK getting the 40kg stone unaided/single handed – I managed to smash that and get the 50kg stone single handed and the 85kg stone with a strap (in the same stone run!) at World’s and managed to nail a 125kg deadlift.

What supplements do you use in training and competition

In competition and for long training sessions I have a few supplements that are staples in my bag;

  • Cyclic Dextrin and EAAs are always made up ready. I use Cyclic Dextrin to provide a little carb boost pre and post event. EAAs and electrolytes I’ll keep swigging all day to aid in recovery.
  • Creatine – to replenish cell creative stores to aid ATP production when competing and help with recovery post competition.
  • Protein – quick easy source of protein post events when I need to get something in my system but can’t eat. This helps with muscle repair and recovery. My go to is either Strawberry or White Chocolate.
  • The Pump pre-workout (strawberry and lime) – I drink a lot of coffee so try to avoid stimulant pre-workout with caffeine in it and the Pump pre-workout hits the spot! When I have a particularly heavy session or an event that I need 110% for I have a serving of PUMP.

Article by: Rebecca Slater Combat Fuel Athlete