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14 03 2022

Dean Holdsworth, The first athlete. Dean has been with us since day 1, what a journey it’s been and he’s been with us every step of the way!

Who are you?

Dean ‘Reggie’ Holdsworth, a 32 year old serving member of the Armed Forces for the last 14 years. A multifunctional athlete competing in Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, CrossFit as well as a keen footballer, and the first sponsored athlete of Combat Fuel.

Bodybuilding, tell us more!

Training and the gym have been a passion of mine since I was 18 Years old, and bodybuilding for the last 6 years with the pleasure of competing a number of times. More recently I have moved more to functional training with the goal of being a more all round athlete. It’s different but I enjoy it and most importantly it’s specific for work!

How long have you served and what do you do?

I have joined the Army since 2007, as a Power Engineer in The Royal Signals, also completing The All Arms Physical Training Instructor course in 2008. I have served in two tours of Afghanistan and many other deployments around the world. Currently I hold the rank of Sgt.

How did you get involved with Combat Fuel?

My first involvement with Combat Fuel came long before the idea of the greatest supplement company was formed, back in 2011 in the Nad Ali District, Helmand Province. Where Alex and I crossed paths in the make shift gym (of course it was), but we didn’t know this when Combat Fuel decided to slide in to my DMs in 2018 😂 after a couple of back and forth messages, Alex eventually wooed me into accepting his offer to help create the amazing Combat Fuel Family you see today. From humble beginnings!

So you’ve been with CF from the start, products are decent then! What’s your go to supplements?

The Combat Fuel products have always been great, over the years they have improved time and time again, widened their range of products, showcasing just how incredible the company is. My favourite and go to supplements are the Whey Protein – white chocolate may I add, Creatine and The Pre-workout.

Military Safety!

Combat Fuel is 100% military safe, which is one reasons I decided to join them in the first place. After 4 years there hasn’t been a single CDT (Compulsory Drugs Test) failure and nor will there ever be!

Team CF

It’s been 4 years since I’ve been apart of this amazing team, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made! From the products to the charity work, we continue to grow and exceed all expectations. Here’s to the next 4 team.

Article by: Dean Holdsworth Sponsored Combat Fuel Athlete