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11 02 2023

Podium Place X Combat Fuel, two great brands come together, with the aim to deliver something remarkable for the drivers.

What Is Podium Place?

Podium Place is a one-of-a-kind destination in Newbury for petrolheads and coffee
lovers alike; Combining speciality coffee, roasted in house, and showcasing the best
in luxury and supercars.

Grab a coffee and cake from Podium Café, race against the clock on one of our four
full-motion racing simulators, chill out in the Podium Paddock members club, drop
your car off with Podium Detailing and leave with it looking better than when you
arrived, or leave with a new car entirely thanks to Podium Cars powered by Redline.

Podium Pods
Podium Place members area, racing simulators.

Whats the link?

Over at Combat Fuel we are a bunch of petrol heads, we regularly hold car and bike meets at our sister company Southern Quarter‘s premises. So naturally we have aligned ourselves perfectly with Podium.

We get that but WHY?

Optimise, thats why! ELITE LEVEL FOCUS FUEL. Optimise delivers an incredible formula of brain-boosting nootropics and sustained energy ensuring you’re optimised for gaming or driving hard. Wether you’re sending it on track or on the sims at Podium, optimise will perform. With the effects lasting up to 8 hours the application of optimise truly is incredible. Want to try optimise and the sims for free, carry on reading!

podium place sims
One of the racing simulators at Podium Place.

Innovating Together

So you can see how optimise can be expertly applied to aid your driving focus and performance, however it can be frustrating taking a tub, shaker and water with you. It works, but what if we could make optimise easier to utilise, say incorporating it into a sugar-free sweet. We’re working hard behind the scenes to do exactly that!

Once developed this product will be exclusively available to Podium Place.

podium paddock
Podium Place, members area.

Trial Optimise x Racing Sims

Sunday 12th March 10:00-14:00. Save the date now! Podium Place, 31A Bone Lane, Newbury RG14 5SH.

Have a serving of optimise, a 15 minute race on the simulators on us and Podium. Checkout the supercars grab a coffee and bite to eat whilst you’re there too! The simulators will operate on a first come first served basis so please turn up at or just before 10:00. If they’re busy there’s plenty to do whilst you’re waiting, grab a game of pool, something to eat and drink, checkout the in house roasted Per’La coffee or just browse the impeccable collection of cars.

See you on the Sims!

Please note;

Podium is card/contactless only.

Guests using the simulators must be 5ft or taller.

To enter the paddock guests must be age 12 or older.

podium mac
The ever changing supercar offering at Podium.
Podium Event
During a recent Podium event.