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03 12 2021

There’s a new athlete in town, who is he?

Hi, my names Mark Newton, I’m 31 and based in the south of England. I have been a personal trainer for 11 years and run my own business for 7. During this time I’ve worked with a range of clients from professional motorcyclists to a world champion taekwondo athlete, each as rewarding when you watch them succeed! I’ve also been the fitness coach for a professional polo team for 6 years. Outside of this, owning two CrossFit gyms is where my love for the sport began.

Do you compete?

In short yesI recently competed in SID with my local CrossFit box, we placed 2nd from a very strong and competitive field! Specific training for this competition started four months ago, once the qualifiers had been released. There were three of them, one on your own, a pairs and a full team qualifier to undertake. Qualifying in 2nd place out of almost 140 teams, we quickly realised a podium finish was possible come game day. We trained consistently every week as a team, outside of our own training during the week of course. Training consisted of running and swimming along with olympic lifting plus a lot of synchro gymnastic practice. Throughout the weekend there was 10 events from a max lift complex to a 4K worm carry so fuelling was important. I think it’s important to detail how I kept (and keep) fuelled during competitions. The Pre-workout gives me the buzz and intensity I needed for the lifting elements it delivers next level no-crash energy and focus! Cyclic Dextrin is a constant source of carbohydrates and energy throughout the day and longer events, absolutely ideal for me as I don’t eat whilst competing.

Biggest achievements so far?

Sporting. As it’s so fresh for sure being on the podium at SID. Competing as part of a team made it special. Ive recently started working with my coach Paul Warrior and am very excited for what competing in 2022 has to bring.

Personally. Across my PT career I have been blessed to have worked with so many different people. I’ve taken clients from not being able to walk to running 10k, to working with professional athletes over an array of sports. I love the buzz you get from seeing clients reach their own personal goals, it truly is humbling / breathtaking all at once. Being able to make people believe that something is achievable still drives me in my work day in day out.

Why Combat Fuel?

First and foremost, quite simply, what the brand stands for. The ethics, the way they treat people, the pursuit of providing the best ingredients and products possible, without ever compromising. The fact athletes or your every day gym goer can use them, the products actually improve performance (unlike many big corporate brands) and the taste, just amazing.

Favourite product and why?

The combination of The Pre-workout and Cyclic Dextrin for me is untouchable. The perfect balance for any workout no matter how short or long. They give you the mental focus and the body the ability to be able to push to its limits. 

Article by: Mark Newton Combat Fuel Athlete