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25 07 2022

In This blog we chat with Tom about his service, his accident that left him in a wheelchair and of course supplements and why he optimises the mind set of stay strong, stay positive.

Tom Green who is he?

I was Cpl Green of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers an infantry section commander, now I’m just me. A man on a mission!

IMG 1422 copy
Stay Strong, Stay Positive – Tom Green

Highlight of your military career?

Upon joining the Army in 2013 I very quickly realised that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my career. A clear route for progression and hard work rewarded I found my feet very quick. I have done many memorable things throughout my career like deployments to Falklands, Canada, Kenya, Brunei of which I could tell loads of stories but I think my most memorable moment has to be horse back riding across the Rocky mountains on AT. The army for me as much as it was a career was a way of life, the best ‘job’ i ever had!

Standout life long achievement?

Greatest achievement in life was having my son in 2018, he is what drives me each and everyday as I’m sure other parents can relate to.

What do you do now?

Well, as you can imagine everything in life is different being in a wheelchair now. My days consists of 5 hours of rehab and physical development during the week. The weekends are for me and my boy, what matters most.

Mark my words, I am not done yet. I was told I’d never walk again. I see that as a challenge to beat not a fact of life.

IMG 7876 1
Tom during a rehab session.

You were discharged! What happened?

August 14th 2020 I was completing a 100 mile bike ride raising money for Combat Stress. Unfortunately I was hit by a lorry from behind, the rest is history. There is no point dwelling on it or being angry, we can only stay strong, stay positive. That is how we move forwards when obstacles are put in our way no matter big or small.

IMG 7875
The metal work inTom’s spine!

Have you let it define you?

HELL NO! Just elaborate on everyone is dealt a hand in life, only you can keep the optimistic outlook on life to carry on achieving and again its that mindset of stay strong, stay positive that I don’t let my situation control or define me. Very early on after my accident I can remember telling people that this would not beat me, not define me.

IMG 7874
Always smiling, always determined.

Best sporting achievement?

Adaptive Crossfit games. 7th in the world, no biggie. I would have done better but one workout I had 10kg too much on the bar!

I have also just finished stage 2 of the Wheelwod games, arguably the largest adaptive CrossFit comp in the world.

I placed 3rd overall getting through to the finals to be help in Dec.

All in my rookie season as a adaptive athlete.

Your best piece of advice for others?

Of course its stay strong, stay positive. I’d also like to add always look for that silver lining, you may have to look hard but it’s always there, I’m living proof of it.

Favourite products and why?

I have digestive issues so used to use normal whey but now can’t so i use Combat Fuel’s Clear Whey in Strawberry & Lime and also their Vegan Protein in Salted Caramel. It sits really well with me and no digestive issues at all! Creatine monohydrate is a daily staple that everyone should be using too.

Please take the time to watch the below video with Tom

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, if i can inspire just one other thats a massive personal achievement for me. Remember to always stay strong, stay positive as dark as the days may seem there will always be that silver lining.