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20 07 2022

In this blog we look at what Hyrox Global Fitness is with gym owner and Hyrox ambassador Gordon Fearn.

Firstly, Who’s Gordon?

Hi I’m Gordon Fearn, Co Owner of the LUMA Fitness Gym on the south coast.  We are a CrossFit affiliate and a Hyrox gym affiliate. I am also a Hyrox Ambassador and pro athlete, having just returned from the Hyrox World Championships in Las Vegas. Nailing 11th in my age group, not a bad finish hey, 11th in the world!

IMG 7771 1
Gordon Mid Event.

What is Hyrox Global Fitness?

It’s the new global fitness race for every BODY! Around the world athletes compete in the same race, on the same course and each event will host up to 3,000 participants. The competition starts with a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional workout repeated 8 times. This combination of functional exercises and endurance makes HYROX Global Fitness unique yet still attainable for people from varying athletic and fitness backgrounds.

Participants wear a timing chip and will receive an individual finishing time, with comparable results through the Global Rankings across all events (Singles or Doubles), divisions (HYROX Women/Men, HYROX Pro Women/Pro Men) and in each age group. Each season culminates with the World Championships where the athletes with the fastest times from each division in each city go head-to-head. For the Hyrox event, which is at least an hour plus.

Hyrox Global Fitness Event
Hyrox Global Fitness Example Event.

How do you stay fuelled during Hyrox?

Nutrition and fuelling plays a massive part, whole, nutrient foods make up the bulk of my diet. Combat fuel plays a huge part in this race and training leading up it to where food can’t necessarily be utilised. I’ll use Combat Fuel Cyclic Dextrin combined with their EAA+ to get me through the event.  This helps not only with energy and cramping but also aids with recovery post event. I also use the Whey Protein (banana is the one for me) to hit those daily protein goals along with a daily dose of their Multivitamin, Omega 3 Fish Oil and finally Zinc & Magnesium daily. This has taken my training to another level as I have now also qualified for the CrossFit European Champs as a Masters athlete!

PHOTO 2022 06 10 14 51 53
Gordon at The World Hyrox Finals.