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02 06 2023

Who is Graham Hicks

Graham Hicks is a veteran of the strongman world. Starting his career in the Under 105kg category and winning Britain’s strongest man he then proceeded to step foot into ‘open strongman’. To date he has finished on the podium at Britain’s and Europes strongest man an incredible 8 times including his 1st place win as Britain’s strongest in 2019.

Of course his incredible career has seen him appear at the Worlds Strongest Man 7 times, in 2020 he reached the finals but sadly had to pull out due to a bicep tear.

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Grahams entrance as he competes against the best in the world.

What are your current best lifts?

Deadlift (equipped) 454kg 1,000lbs club!

Squat (Raw with Wraps) 440kg

Bench (Raw) 280kg

Log 220kg

2023 Targets

Deadlift 500kg

Squat 480kg

Bench (Raw) 300kg

Log 230kg

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What do you do?

I’m actually an aeronautical engineer by trade. You’ve guessed it, I compete in strongman at a decent level and I also coach others in strongman and powerlifting.

Why strongman

Easy question! It’s just fun. I enjoy the challenge of different disciplines and shifting weight.

Your wife Kim, tell us more

We are a dam powerful couple, we’ve been together over 12 years now and have 3 beautiful children.

Kim WILL win the brits this year, no doubt. Her passion, dedication and commitment to winning is unparalleled. She keeps me going!

This year I have my sights firmly set on beating the deadlift and log press world record. I aim to smash a 505kg deadlift and a 230kg+ log press.

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Graham and his wife Kim.

How confident are you at beating the world record deadlift and log press

I know I have the ability that’s no question. All I need is a solid run with no injuries and I will achieve those world records. Confidence is good, LETS GO!

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Can you win worlds strongest man?

Never say never. I do feel my height plays a big disadvantage in that contest though.

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Atlas stones, the most famous of strongman events.

Why combat fuel?

Easy. Because Alex the owner is awesome, does a lot for charity and the brand is one giant family. I like the products, they work and believe in them. I wouldn’t use them if I didn’t.

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Graham and fellow Combat Fuel athlete Ryan Andrews

Favourite products and why?

Cant deny I’m completely obsessed with the clear whey. Real game changer, as a strongman getting the food in is tough. The last thing I want is more heavy shakes sitting on my stomach, the clear whey works brilliantly for me. All the other essentials are wicked too. the EAA+ and Cyclic Dextrin during workouts and everybody needs creatine.