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09 09 2021

Senactiv® formerly known as ActiGin®. It is a plant-based, 100% natural, US patented sport nutraceutical compound scientifically validated in 2 in-vivo and 4 human clinical studies with 6 interventions evaluated. It promotes more energy and muscle preservation by activating phagocytic macrophages. This in association with the senescent cell clearance in muscle tissue after aerobic exercise.


Release Energy > Spark Momentum. It increases the production of citrate synthase, an important enzyme that is responsible for producing more ATP (energy our body uses).


New Muscle Cells > For Longevity. It has shown in a human clinical study that it can actually promote the removal of old cells and replenish with new healthy muscle cells.

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The above extracts are from NuLiv Science USA inc. Read more here.