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09 09 2021

Who is Mike Chadwick

As one of the leading Tactical Athlete coaches, Coach Mike Chadwick optimises human performance and enhances resilience for those taking their first or next step in tactical athletic development. From International Special Forces units to top 10 UFC fighters, Mike’s success rate across the tactical and sporting domains are unmatched.

What is his Military background

Coach Mike began his military career in 2007 and has worked with the 2nd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment and Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) before being selected to join the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC).

Mike has been awarded multiple times during his career including a Colonel Commandant Commendation, multiple Brigadier Commendations, Regimental Sergeant Major commendations, and the Bredin Trophy (soldier who most enhances the British Army in physical development) alongside many more.

On top of being offered a commission back into the Parachute Regiment, Mike was most notably awarded a GOC commendation, announced alongside The Queen’s Birthday Honours list, in 2019 for his work in physical development.

What does he do now

Upon transitioning from the regulars to reserves, Mike is currently going through the commissioning process with the Parachute Regiment. Outside of the military he runs 3 businesses.

1. Artificial Intelligence Coaching Platform, which is being contracted into the US and British military alongside Police Scotland. The technology is going commercial in 2022 to provide accurate prescription for Mikes renowned ‘Challenge’.

2. He runs a successful Online Personal Coaching business, individualising training for Tactical Athletes all over the world. From New York Firefighters, to UK Special Forces to potential cadets at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

3. Mike also owns Red On Socks, which provide premium quality socks developed through science, defined by nature and designed in consultation. They’re used by elite professional sporting and Tactical Athletes. Whether on the hills or in the gym, they work as hard and as smart as you do.

Favourite Combat Fuel Supplement

Vanilla Whey Protein, ideal to ensure daily protein targets of 1.5-2.2g of protein per kg of lean bodyweight. Alongside a daily dose creatine monohydrate these are the two essentials for Mike that he takes religiously. Vanilla over all other flavours!

Article by: Mike Chadwick, The Tactical Athlete & Combat Fuel Athlete