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23 01 2022

James Butterfield, who are you?

Hi, I’m James Butterfield I found my love for food many years ago and as such I’ve been a chef for the past 21 years! Absolutely love my job as the resident head chef at Southern Quarter, my approach to food is a fresh, funky and stylish way of cooking. The phenomenal, mouth-watering food that I create is also very atheistically pleasing. My food is a sensory delight!

Tell us something cool about your career

I’ve been graced the opportunity to cook for Princess Ann, won numerous awards in my career ranging from ‘national catering manager of the year’ to ‘Sunrise Masterchef finalist ‘, wow, what a journey so far. I aim to make Southern Quarter well known for having the best, healthy & nutritious food in the area.

Give us a chef’s low down on Combat Fuel

Combat Fuel, what a brand and what ingredients. As an experienced chef I typically have a rather dull view of the supplement world, fillers, bulking agents and a whole heap of crap. Yet Combat Fuel hits different, after vigorously going through their ingredient panels I cannot believe what I found, how clean the panels were! I love using Combat Fuel as a chef because it has no-nonsense ingredients without fillers or bulking agents which in turn compliments my high-protein baking at Southern Quarter. There’s a plethora of healthy tasty treats we can make with Combat Fuel products from jellies and truffles from their Clear Whey Protein & EAA’s to high-protein cheesecakes, protein balls and dirty brownies with their Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

What re your favourite CF products to use at SQ?

My absolute favourite product has to be the Premium Whey Protein in the delicious White Chocolate flavour for my infamous protein pancake stack!

Article by: James Butterfield, Southern Quarter Head Chef.