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01 02 2023

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What is nooLVL®

NooLVL® is a patented complex of Bonded Arginine and Silicon with an additional optimised dose of Inositol. It is a non-stimulant ingredient that boosts cognitive performance in esports. What makes it an unparalleled standout among performance ingredients? This bonded arginine silicate complex with an additional optimised dose of inositol was designed for and studied in a population of gamers to target benefits that are most important to the booming esports industry. NooLVL works FAST (in 15 minutes!) and delivers increased energy safely, without negatively affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

This incredible ingredient is a non-stimulant nootropic that enhances performance in fast-paced competition. The Nutrition21 research and development team had an early interest in esports and conducted a clinical study in a population of gamers. This gold standard (double-blind, placebo-controlled) clinical study on nooLVL was performed using healthy men and women who spent five or more hours a week playing video games-and the results are next level!

Why nooLVL®

Improved Acuity – Gaming involves a lot of mental activity. nooLVL is shown to improve cognitive function in gamers within 15 minutes of consumption.

Improved reaction time – Professional frames per second (PFS) players have reaction times ranging from 100 to 250 milliseconds. After gaming for a long time, this reaction time can dwindle considerably. nooLVL helps gamers maintain their optimal reaction time all throughout the gaming period.

Reduce errors – Gamers become increasingly prone to errors as the number of hours spent gaming increases. Gaming requires a high degree of accuracy and precision, as these increase the likelihood of winning. nooLVL helps improve accuracy significantly and has been shown to reduce errors by as much as 66%.

Reduces fatigue – Fatigue makes you more prone to errors and reduces the ability to think and make quick decisions. Using this ingredient in optimise offers gamers an increased level of cognitive awareness that allows them to stay in control whilst gaming.

Enhance working memory – Gamers require their short-term memory to make decisions reflexively. Gaming involves making a myriad of decisions in the spur of the moment without taking too much time to think about it. nooLVL increases the ability of gamers to make these decisions.

Decreased anxiety and stress – As gaming hours increase and gamers become fatigued, they tend to make errors that can put them in a state of anxiety and deep mental stress. NooLVL makes gamers far more alert and less prone to making damaging errors, which can reduce the gamer’s anxiety.

Increased mental focus – Gaming is a highly cognitive activity that requires a lot of concentration, especially where the stakes are high. Gamers have to make sure that they are in a mental space where they can focus on the tasks at hand, and nooLVL helps achieve that.

Endurance – Using nooLVL is shown to help to improve gamer’s mental endurance such that they can work for longer hours without experiencing serious fatigue.

Speed – Since nooLVL works to improve the mental state of the gamer, then inevitably, there would be an increase in their speed levels as well. Gamers are more focused on the task at hand, and they can also translate this into speed.

No known side effects – At the time of writing (we regularly check all ingredients) it is a safe, non-stimulating ingredient with no known side effects. NooLVL does not negatively affect your heart rate or blood pressure, unlike other nutritional ingredients that contain more hardcore stimulants. This ingredient helps gamers to level up their game and protects their physical health. Far superior to knocking back can after can of energy drink.

What Products Contain NooLVL®

Our expertly formulated OPTIMISE -ELITE LEVEL FOCUS FUEL