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28 11 2021

Fats are one of the three Macronutrients.

Primary function

They carry nine calories per gram, and you’ll find it in fatty meats, nuts, coconut, oils, seeds. Sufficient fat is vital for good hormonal health and helps you absorb nutrients.

Why does fat have a bad name

Like the carbophobia phase, It’s easy to think that the more fat you consume, the fatter you’ll get. This isn’t necessarily true unless that fat is consistently putting you into a calorie surplus. Fat is essential for the body to function correctly. Fat provides a segway for vitamin absorption as well as the production of vital hormones.

However, not all types of fat are the same. For example, Trans fats found in processed, pre-packaged foods, fast food, and margarine are not the road you want to be often travelling. Choosing wisely with good sources of saturated fats from healthy raised animals (animal fat) and unsaturated fats (found in foods like avocados, nuts, oils, etc.) is a far better alternative.

Article by: Declan Doyle PhD Scholar & Combat Fuel Nutritional Expert.