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28 11 2021

Protein is one of the three Macronutrients.

Primary function

Sometimes referred to as the “king of the macros”, protein is undoubtedly worth its weight in gold. It supports the growth and repair of muscle tissue but is vital in the make-up of hormone production. As with most things in nutrition, how much you need depends on multiple factors, including:

  • General health
  • General activity levels
  • Body composition
  • Main goals 
  • Type of training, duration and intensity

Considering all this, you’ll still only end up with a starting number that will still need to be adjusted depending on how things progress. However, the table below is a good starting point.

Optimal daily protein intake for adults g/kg

Requirements are expressed in grams, either per kilogram of body weight (g/kg) or per pound of body weight (g/lb). 

Protein table
When should you have it?

Again that depends on the individual circumstances. Your first priority should be to make sure your total protein needs are being met. After that, pick a frequency that suits you. For practical reasons, most people can pretty quickly hit their total intake in 3-4 meal sittings and perhaps a shake or two to make up the shortfall. It’s can also be more convenient.

What about protein window (the anabolic window)?

Oh yes, that old chestnut, well, let’s get back to the evidence for a minute. Not too long ago, top researchers Alan Aragon, Brad Schoenfeld, and James Krieger investigated the effects of protein timing on hypertrophy and muscle strength in a meta-analysis (a study of studies investigating protein timing). After collating all the data, they concluded that the “current evidence does not appear to support the claim that immediate (≤ 1 hour) consumption of this macronutrient pre-and/or post-workout significantly enhances strength – or hypertrophic-related adaptations to resistance exercise”. So in simple terms, the window remains open, particularly if you haven’t hit your total yet. Hitting your daily totals is far more important that nutrient timing.

Read more on does nutrient timing really matter here!

Article by: Declan Doyle PhD Scholar & Combat Fuel Nutritional Expert.

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