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28 11 2021

It’s a real pleasure to sit down with Owen Toms the founder of Southern Quarter and Co-owner of Combat Fuel for a Q&A. 

What did you do in the military?

Badged Sniper in the 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment.

After leaving the Army what did you do?

Moved into the private security sector in 2005 as an operator whilst overseas in hostile environments. In 2011 I secured a role in a diplomatic protection team based in the UK.

Southern Quarter, a large project, so why the concept, why Amesbury? What’s on offer?

My passion has always been in training, especially CrossFit and Jiu-jitsu, after traveling the world visiting other gyms, it set off a spark to create my own location like no other here in the UK, where we can showcase our training methods & lifestyles in a unique environment. I grew up in the area and Amesbury was my first thought of somewhere that would thrive from this venture and our community-based facility.

Combat Fuel, you used the products before any official affiliation, why?

Because they are good sh*t. The taste of fitness supplements has always been a priority for me, so as well as Combat Fuel hitting the mark with numbers and market-leading formulations, it also tastes the bomb, which is rare to find!

There’s the same bullet in the Q of Southern Quarter and O of Combat Fuel..?

We are a veteran owned company but don’t rub people’s faces in it. We recognise our heritage and pay respects to it and to everyone who serves/has with our stand-alone logos.

What does the future hold?

To grow strong within our communities, supporting those who need it the most and producing market-leading products across all spectrums of the health & fitness industry.

What combat fuel products do you use?

Creatine monohydrate each and every day, I take it consistently with my morning brew. My workouts are fuelled with The Pre-workout before training then Cyclic Dextrin and EAA+ during my sessions and finally premium protein post workout. I do also use protein powder in my morning oats! Banana for the win!

Article by: Owen Toms, Southern Quarter Founder & Combat Fuel Co-Owner