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09 06 2022

Who Is Keith Emmerson?

Keith Emmerson comes from a strong sporting background; primarily football but represented county level at a young age for cricket and athletics. His main sport is football, after being released from professional football at the age of 20, he joined the British Army in 2003 and is still serving to this current date as a Soldier Performance Specialist in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps.


Keith began his military career in 2003 completing his All Arms Physical Training Instructors Course in 2007 after deployments to Afghanistan he then worked in Basic Training as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) developing Soldiers into the British Army, before being selected to join the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC) in 2011, where he currently serves to date.

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Keith in CF’s original T-shirt!


Alongside his career within the military Keith has continued with his main passion of football. Where he has represented both Corps, Army and United Kingdom Armed Forces over 18+ years of service.

Amassing 150+ appearances for the British Army Mens Representative Football Team Keith has won various Inter Services competitions against the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, both as a player and as a player coach. Representing the United Kingdom Armed Forces Football Team. Over an 18 year period he has been successful in winning various Kentish Cup Championships against the Belgium, Netherlands and French Armed Forces.

Keith has also been fortunate to play football for the military in the following locations, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Slovakia.

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Keith has made 1000+ appearances in non league football spanning over a 22 year career, having recently played the last two seasons for Step 2 Vanarama National League South team, Hungerford Town Football Club.

Keith has a vast amount of clubs over 22 years, due to having to move locations every 2-3 years with the military, but has been successful with football league promotions with Poole Town FC, Farnborough FC, and Taunton Town FC and also playing in the first round of the FA Cup with non league team Shildon AFC.

Keith now goes into another season of non league football with Southern Premier League team Dorchester Town FC, in his 23rd year of elite football.

PHOTO 2022 06 01 17 36 30
Keith Emmerson winning a header.


Football wise the ones that come to mind are as follows;

  • Playing in the 1st round of the FA Cup.
  • Captain of a joint British Army and Royal Air Force Football Team at Wembley for the Bobby Moore Cancer Charity Fund.
  • British Army Football Captain in the Game of Truce against the German Armed Forces Team.
  • Football League Promotions with Poole Town FC, Farnborough FC and Taunton Town FC.
  • Most capped and decorated British Army Footballer in its history.
  • 1000+ Non League Football appearances.
  • Off the Line Blog Vanarama National League South Team of the Year 20/21.


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CF branding when Keith first found CF in 2019!
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Our updated and current branding!